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Leave from paperboy&co., join to Quipper

May 27 is my last day at paperboy&co.

I had a great time with gentle people in this 3 years and 3 months. Thank you for all my colleagues!

paperboy&co. is a good company for the following reasons:

  • Culture: There are so many nice people here. They gather and play naturally. They love their colleagues, company, and the internet. The culture of paperboy&co. is the most wonderful one I ever seen.
  • Progress: They have the will to improve their environment. They made a very good engineer evaluation system. They also are trying to introduce some good method such as Scrum.
  • Steadiness: They keep growing. The sales, profit, and stock price are rising in the past few years. They also a member of GMO internet group, one of the largest internet business corporate group in Japan.
  • and they paid a reasonable salary :)

However, a 200+ employee organization is too big for me, so I decided to leave from here and go to the other place to suit me more.

From May 28, I will join to Quipper, the mobile e-learning company based on London.

Quipper was founded by Masayuki Watanabe, a co-founder of DeNA, and the engineering team is led by Masatomo Nakano, a famous developer/blogger. They opened Japanese office at the beginning of this year, so it is the best time to join to the small, flexible team.

There are some reasons why I chose Quipper, but the most important one is passion.

During the Skype meeting at my first (and last) interview, CEO said to me:

Really, our platform and service may change the someone's life more better. It's a wonderful thing, isn't it?

I was deeply moved by his passion, therefore it was not possible to ignore it.

I have a dream in my life and work. I want to be a person who work on a world scale, while living in Japan. Since Quipper is a global company (the headquarters is located London), it's a great chance to take the first step into the world.

I miss seeing nice people, but it's my choice. I wish to learn more, so I decided to be the worst guy in the band again.

http://instagram.com/p/ZtM-yWOHPj/ from right: @demiflare168, @hogemoge and me - Photograph by Hideaki Hamada