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Bizmates Program: Level 2 Rank ELesson 18: Giving a final warning


Lesson 18 の Bizmates Style から続きだったが、彼女は途中からレジュームはちょっとやりづらそうなタイプなので、Bizmates Style からのはずだけど、最初からやり直す方がやりやすければあなたのやり方に従うよ、と伝えて、Biz Tips の再読からやり直した。

Lesson 18 最後まで終わり、次は Lesson 19 の頭から。

  • Good evening, Ken. :)
  • stimulating :  causing enthusiasm and interest
  • stave
  • starve
  • Ex. Talking with someone is STIMULATING.
  • crave : desire // Ex. I'm CRAVING for a good conversation.
  • disciplinary [ dis-uh-pluh-ner-ee ]
  • He made him REALIZE how it AFFECTS others.
  • Taro REMINDED Leo of the past INCIDENTS.
  • Some people were not happy about my joke.
  • They thought it's unprofessional.
  • Our HR TOLD ME not to do it again.
  • bullying:
  • Bullying deserves a DISCIPLINARY ACTION.
  • insubordination: uncooperative, disobedience