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My parents taught me

To be honest, I remember only a few words that my parents taught me. However, I noticed that I have been strongly influenced by those words.

When I was a junior high school student, I did not like studying at all, especially mathematics. “I don't know how studying math will help me in the future”, I told to my father. He told to me, “Well, even if you think studying math doesn't make sense, it's the rule. You should study hard and climb the rank first. Then you'll have the right to change the rule.” He didn't say I must study math, but he taught me the theory of society.

As I grew up and became a software developer, I understood that studying math does matter. I have not studied math seriously, however, because it is.. you know, math. But it is not as important as learning the sense of rights and duties.

When I was a kid, my mother told me, “Don’t compare yourself with people who are inferior to you, to rest assured. Compare yourself with people who are superior to you.” I do not remember how old I was and what situation it was. However, I remember that I was somehow deeply impressed by her words.

I have recalled her words from time to time throughout my life. It cultivated a desire to improve myself. It helped me avoid looking down on others regardless of the reasons. Well, to be fair, I am not saying I look up to everyone - of course - just treat someone who I do not respect as like the person next to your seat on the train. Politely ignore each other.

I am just an ordinary person. I am not rich. I do not have a fascinating track record. I do not have special talents. But I know who I am. I know what is common sense. (I am not so conceited that I say I have common sense) I appreciate my parents raised me as a decent person.