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Bizmates Program: Level 2 Rank D Lesson 14: Requesting for time off






  • The important thing that I learned from the previous trainer is that I shouldn't be a "credit hog". I should recognize the effort of others that contributed both actively and passively in the attainment of that success
  • No. It's really easy to take time off at my company
  • Yes, I always try to make sure that my time off won't result in a issue with staffing when making my request. We use Google calendar in my team, so I could see the time-off schedule of my colleagues.
  • I think Don felt that Taro's attitude wasn't very professional. It sounded that Taro isn't fully committed to his responsibility as project manager. Taro mentioned that everything will be fine but he never showed any evidence. So, if I were Don, I'd not trust him and would hesitate to approve his time-off request
  • I think Don was glad with Taro's attitude. He was confident and comfortable to approve his request.
  • In my company, we have an internal web based system that we use to submit our time-off request. All employees have an account in this system. I'm not too sure, but I feel my boss gets an email whenever we make a request and then logs in to view it. He then decides to approve it or not
  • No, he has never rejected my requests. Even in my previous company, my time-off requests were never rejected as well