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Missed to post

Yesterday I wrote a diary. 
I thought to post it, but somehow I missed to post. 
When I opened blogging app, the editor with text appeared, but I already closed it, so that I lost the text. 

Actually, what I wrote yesterday is, it was long day, I feel headache, I couldn't say I am fine to ex-CEO, veterans are all leaving. 
All sad, all tough. 

I feel headache almost all day. 
When I arrived at the station nearby office, I started to feel headache. I can imagine why it happened from at that time. 


Preparation was hard. 
The taste of laxative was not good. 
I felt nausea a bit, but I could hasitate it. 

Inspection itself went well. 
Although the condition of colon was not perfect, overall it was good, as my doctor said. 
Thanks to painkiller, I didn't feel pain. 

I went home and took a rest. 
Unfortunately, I have to another inspection for stomac at early next year, that must be so hard.  

Give up

I can't continue what I'm doing anymore. 
It's too stressful to keep doing as daily job. 
People only see the surface of the problem, and say what they just come up with. 
I has been thinking it again and again and again already. 
It's over. I can't do more. My heart is hurt almost every day.
I hate myself angry too many times.
I  want to escape, for being a nice guy.