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Rails 3.2.5 and uniqueness validation failure problem

Rails 3.2.5 was released today. I tried to upgrade my application from 3.2.3 to 3.2.5, but I encountered uniqueness validation failure problem.This problem reported at #5853. I read the discussion of this issue. I'm about understood about …

Git Advent Calendar / June 当番カレンダー

Qiita 主催の Git Advent Calendar / Jun. に参加登録をしたけど、 ATND の参加者一覧だと自分が何日目の担当かわかりづらかったので、パッと見でわかりやすい当番カレンダーを作ってみた。Git Advent Calendar / June 当番カレンダー http://qiitagitcalend…