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id:syohex told me that the forked version of markdown-mode is hosted on github and fixed some bugs including weird behaviour of dabbrev-expand. I checked it and confirmed it works correctly. I strongly recommend to use it instead of my poor implementation.



Markdown is popular markup language today. Many web sites support markdown such as GitHub (README and Wiki), Hatena Blog, and so on.

I'm using Emacs as a primary text editor for writing text. Of course Emacs has the major mode for markdown editting, markdown-mode.

I was a user of markdown-mode.el but I was frustrated because markdown-mode is broken a little. For example, when I hit a Meta-/ key (I'm a heavy user of dynamic abbreviation) text is successfully expanded but cursor is going wrong point about next a few words.

So I decided to write my own markdown syntax highlight major mode, and just did it. markdown-highlight-mode is the one.


Writing emacs lisp is very hard thing for me. I'm not satisfied because of the poor quality of my code. There are so many features I couldn't implement.

This is a very alpha quality product, but I'll eat my dog food and try to improve it. I replaced markdown-mode with my immature mode and started to use it daily life.

Feel free to send me any types of feedback suck as opening new issue, sending pull request, mentioning on twitter, etc.