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English speaking muscles

This post is a cheat. I'm writing this post at 1:32 am Dec 12. 
I have three challenges for making habits. One is this post, next is "practice speaking English every day", last is secret (because Derek Sivers said to keep secret one's dream at his TED talk). 
Several years ago, I purchased a lifetime subscription of Practice Speaking English. I tried to practice speaking English a few times (I don't remember how many), every time I gave up (I don't know why, perhaps I was tired some day, habits was lost), but I started my challenge again. 
The name of coach is Chad. His method is very simple: just keep practicing speaking English. If I explain who he is, I can say "he is like Shuzo Matsuoka". He provides his lesson as video. There are varios of types of video practices: repeating, shadowing, pronunciation training, phrase phonics training, simple English grammar patterns training, and so on. Every video in the end he always speaks very positive words for audience, to encourage keep English speaking practice. It feel like I am encouraged by Shuzo Matsuoka. 
He often says, "practice your English speaking muscle". I'm not sure if it is a kind of metaphor (I guess so), but when I did a practice with focus, even it was less than 10 minutes, I feel my mouth's muscles are tired a little. So that I think "English speaking muscles" is a good expression. 

He has his YouTube channel too.