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July: focus on Bizmates

In July, I will focus on Bizmates. My minimum commitment is taking a lesson every weekday.

When I search on Twitter, I see many people tweeting with the hashtag #bizmates. Some of them are veterans, some of them are newcomers.

Someone tweeted that they have been taking hundreds of lessons. Someone tweeted that they have achieved level four.

I felt a little frustrated because I have taken less than ten lessons yet, and I am still at the beginning of level two.

But I changed my mind. I remembered the purpose. Consuming lesson materials as fast as possible isn't my goal.

I want to be able to communicate with English speakers more smoothly and more effectively. I want to be more fluent in speaking English. I want to improve my listening skills.

To achieve my goal, keep practicing speaking and listening to English is vital. As long as I talk with trainers in English, I don't have to worry about the pace of the lesson progress.