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Released ghn gem - commandline tool for GitHub notifications

Ghn - commandline tool for GitHub notifications

Yesterday I released ghn, a commandline tool for GitHub notifications. It's published to rubygems.org so you can install it easily: $ gem install ghn.

At Quipper, we heavily use GitHub so I get a lot of notifications of GitHub everyday (not only weekday but also holiday!). Since I'm a notification addict, I don't want to miss any notifications so I click unread notifications very many times. It's boring.

ghn is a solution. It's a simple commandline tool to get unread notifications from GitHub. It calls GitHub API and prints URL of unread notifications. You can pipe them to other tools.

screenshot of ghn usage

For the reason of my laziness, I added --open option. If this option is set, ghn calls open(1) for each URLs so these are opened by your default browser. I believe its a killer feature of this tool.

If you get sick of clicking notifications, just try it with fun! If you have any questions, or find some bug, please visit https://github.com/kyanny/ghn and open new issue. I'm very welcome to your interest, impression or contribution.