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Bittarman@freenode との会話

17:04 Bittarman@freenode: Could you please fix your connection, or remove the autoaway nick change.
17:05 kyanny: ok, I'll restart my irc proxy
17:05 Bittarman@freenode: cheers
17:06 Bittarman@freenode: its only a problem because most clients don't hide the nick changes, so it gets a bit spammy for some people
17:06 Disconnected
17:10 Bittarman@freenode: thanks
17:13 kyanny: Hi, I restarted my irc proxy and reconnect to freenode. How can I determine if the issue is resolved?
17:13 Bittarman@freenode: wait and see if it happens again I suppose.
17:14 Bittarman@freenode: looks ok so far
17:15 kyanny: thanks, sorry for trouble :(
17:32 Bittarman@freenode: thats ok