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#3, Basic Ch.1 Act4

This night I took an English lesson. It has been a long time since last lesson because of my summer vacation :P I think teacher Shayne has leadership ability. When I cound not speak well, she wrote some sentences in chat. It helps me very much. She told me `Your English is so-so' and I should learn more harder about pronunciation. I did a practice of pronunciation at least 10 times in this lesson.

Here is a log of chat.

[11/08/22 22:51:14] LR Shayne: 長永(旧姓金子)健介 a.k.a. 刺身☆ブーメラン からの承認リクエスト: Hi kyanny1! I’d like to add you on Skype. LR Shayne
[11/08/22 22:51:21] 長永(旧姓金子)健介 a.k.a. 刺身☆ブーメラン: LR Shayne からのリクエストを承認
[11/08/22 22:54:51] LR Shayne: Good evening! Welcome to Langrich.
This is Shayne, your teacher for tonight.:)

What do you want to study today?
1. Textbook - Basic or Standard
2. Textbook - Pronunciation
3. News - Simple, VOA or CNN
4. Free Talk
[11/08/22 22:55:45] 長永(旧姓金子)健介 a.k.a. 刺身☆ブーメラン: Good evening!
[11/08/22 22:55:54] 長永(旧姓金子)健介 a.k.a. 刺身☆ブーメラン: I want to study textbook basic act4.
[11/08/22 22:58:59] LR Shayne:
[11/08/22 22:59:30] LR Shayne: Shayne
[11/08/22 23:01:46] LR Shayne: rare
[11/08/22 23:01:54] LR Shayne: It is not so common
[11/08/22 23:02:02] LR Shayne: to find big stuff toys
[11/08/22 23:02:03] LR Shayne: here
[11/08/22 23:09:53] LR Shayne: feel
[11/08/22 23:10:08] LR Shayne: food
[11/08/22 23:10:17] LR Shayne: fuel
[11/08/22 23:10:58] LR Shayne: fool
[11/08/22 23:15:42] LR Shayne: I love ramen very much
[11/08/22 23:16:17] LR Shayne: Japanese hates to be late.
[11/08/22 23:17:07] LR Shayne: It means japanese are punctual
[11/08/22 23:20:16] LR Shayne: I have never been to Philippine in my whole life
[11/08/22 23:20:27] LR Shayne: and I haven't met any Filipinos too
[11/08/22 23:20:50] LR Shayne: but, I heard so much about Philippines from my friend who went to Cebu.
[11/08/22 23:21:42] LR Shayne: He said that the people are very friendly and the place is very beautiful.
[11/08/22 23:23:00] LR Shayne: I don't have a passport yet but I am planning to get one so that
[11/08/22 23:23:24] LR Shayne: I can visit Asian countries, America, and Europe too.
[11/08/22 23:25:21] LR Shayne: f
[11/08/22 23:25:34] 長永(旧姓金子)健介 a.k.a. 刺身☆ブーメラン:
[11/08/22 23:25:48] LR Shayne: *1Tha nk you very much for taking my class Kei
[11/08/22 23:26:21] 長永(旧姓金子)健介 a.k.a. 刺身☆ブーメラン: Thank you! I enjoyed this class. Good night :)
[11/08/22 23:29:08] LR Shayne: Good night! Me too.