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印刷は人間に対し市場を作り出し、国民軍を創設する方法も教えたのであった - マーシャル・マクルーハン「グーデンベルグの銀河系」

Google glass promo video

I watched google glass official promotion video now.

It looks great product. BTW, I like musics that are used in such a promotion video like this. I wish to buy omnibus album of these musics by iTunes (sorry, google!)

I got a high conscious by this video so I changed Siri's language of my iPhone (sorry google, too!) Siri (United States) could not understand what I said ("Siri, what's the weather in London?"), but Siri (United Kingdom) understood my engrish well (I said "Weather in Tokyo", displayed text is "total", but he told me the weather of Tokyo!) so I love UK.