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印刷は人間に対し市場を作り出し、国民軍を創設する方法も教えたのであった - マーシャル・マクルーハン「グーデンベルグの銀河系」

TOEIC test

Today I had a TOEIC test. It was first time for me. Before the test, I thought that probably I will score about 600 points. After the test, my feeling was nearly same as I expected.

This is purpose for to know my true English skill. I felt that listening was a little  easy than I assumed. I couldn't finished last question because I ran out all of time. I learned that time management is important.
I'm going to try TOEIC in this year at least one more time to check the results of my usual English study.
Update at Feb 3: score: listening 320 reading 400 total 720.