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Bizmates Program: Level 2 Rank D Lesson 7: Asking for support



レッスンも、途中からだとまず復習をしてから続きに入る、というスタイルの人で、丁寧だった。そのおかげで今日の進捗は Try の 1 だけだったけど。




レッスンの終わり間際になると「25 分はまるで 25 秒のようね!時間が短すぎてやんなっちゃう!けどもう行かないと次の生徒に殺される!」などとこれもおどけて言っていて、楽しい人だった。


  • Good afternoon, Ken-san!
  • I usually wake up around noon. >>I tend TO SLEEP IN on weekends
  • My wife has an appointment at a nail salon.
  • She likes nail art
  • While waiting she finish the treatment, >>While waiting FOR HER TO finish the treatment,
  • He does not want to leave you even just for an hour
  • ON weekends, while she's in the nail salon, I can have my ME TIME. I can spend much time reading books and compare them
  • opposites attract
  • me time
  • personal time
  • I AM INTO business-related and self-help books.
  • I sometimes read articles and journals related to my field.
  • I am INTO
  • BE INTO>> I am into kickboxing, jumping rope , and running
  • Even if I have a problem about relationship with others, we should never blame them.
  • Do your best to find/ come up with the best solution.
  • Blaming portrays a person as someone who evades responsibilities . Stating facts is a good alternative instead of putting the blame on others.
  • PORTRAYS- show/ describe EVADE- avoid/ escape
  • put the blame on someone
  • blame someone
  • In my current company, I often ask support my boss. >>In my current company, I often ask my boss for support.
  • I was told by the regional sales manager to attend their regular meeting and share the report.
  • I ask for his help when there are complicated decisions that I have to make .
  • In my previous company, I was one of the head of the Engineering Departments in our company
  • subordinates
  • Since I was the head, I handled a lot of subordinates.
  • In that case, I often had a conversation with my boss about some managers having a problem with their respective teams.
  • I needed to take care of both of them
  • Do you think it's an APPROPRIATE ACTION?
  • In that case I told to my manager. >>In that case, I TOLD the manager I feel you are stressed ABOUT her lack of skills
  • Give her more time to develop her skills and expertise
  • For instance,
  • For example
  • to illustrate
  • In my opinion
  • I believe
  • LESSON 7 TRY #2