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Low energy

No motivation, no passion, no energy. 

LinkedIn has a feature that user can show their job seeking status. In addition that, user can select job titles they are interested in. 
Last month I turned it on, and I selected CTO as one of the job titles I am interested in, just because I was curious what happens. 
I guessed nothing changes, but surprisingly, I've been receiving emails from recruiters constantly, a few times a week, including the opportunity for CTO position of some companies. 
I wonder why they didn't appoint their most performing or trustful developer to their CTO. 
Anyway, I won't go that way, because the reason why I am wondering next journey is, I do not want being a management guy anymore.  

The more I read such emails, the more I understand that what business the company is doing doesn't matter for me. I couldn't find any companies I become addicted to. 
The most important part is, who is the people I work together. But it's almost impossible to know if the people in the particular company are very good to me. It sounds like a risky bet.