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Bizmates Program: Level 4 Rank B Lesson 20: Rank up Test



Lesson 17 のレビューから。この人のランクアップテストもスタンダードな進め方。17、自分が Wes だったら、あくまで暫定の社長ということにして、ふさわしい人をヘッドハントするかなあ。「それがいいですね」的なリアクション。18、彼女が「デニスは仕事に飽きて新しいことをしたくなったのかもね」と言ってたが自分はちょっと違う印象を受けたので、デニスが転職した動機はわからないけど、小さなレストランのマネージャーとして成功した経験から、もっと大きな仕事をしたくなったのかも。あるいは、成功体験をもとにいずれ自分のビジネスを立ち上げたいと思っていて、大企業のプロセスを学びたかったのかも。「デニスはもうやめようとしてるけど、それはいいアイデアと思いますか?」動機による、もし単に飽きただけなら、大企業は合わないと分かったので戻った方がいい。でも、もし大企業のやり方を学びたくてきたなら、学ぶ前に辞めるのは勿体無い。戻っても小規模なレストランでは、学びたい管理プロセスとかは学べないのだし。「そうですね、もう少し辛抱して、色々経験を積んで、それから決断してもいいですね」

レッスン前の予想通り言葉もなかなか出てこなくてどことなく元気もちょっとない感じだったが彼女は辛抱強くて優しく、話す速度もペースもゆっくりしてるのでちょうどいい感じでやれた、かな。Lesson 18 のレビューまで終わり、次は 19 から。今日ですっぱり終わらせたかったけど、届かなかった。

  • Good evening, Ken.

Lesson 17: The Insider

Give a short summary of the case study and your own personal experiences or thoughts on the issue. (Externally Driven Culture, Low Acceptance Of Leadership)

Summary:  The story is about TeraCom which is about to bankrupt due to previous management's bad decisions. Wes will take over and become the new president. He needs to change a lot of changes but other employees have doubts since Wes was part of the bad decisions in the past. He has the power to stop them in the past, but he failed to handle it. 

Personal Viewpoint:  >> I understand how the employees feel and why they don't trust Wes. What they experienced was a fact and Wes wasn't very responsive. Also, he didn't do his job as part of the management. If I were Wes, I think it would be better to reconsider the position of president. As for the company, it would be better to look for another president that will be coming from outside the company. Wes can act as a temporary president and if he is true to his words, he should look for someone more suitable.

Lesson 18: The Nationwide Chain Give a short summary of the case study and your own personal experiences or thoughts on the issue. (Process-oriented, Goal-oriented Culture)

Summary:  The story is about Dennis who was a manager of a small restaurant, however, he decided to join Eats, Inc. to become a manager. Eats, Inc has a very strict process and Dennis didn't like it. Frank wants him to become process-oriented however he is more goal-oriented. As of now, Dennis is now thinking of leaving the company. 

Personal Viewpoint:  >> He was already successful in his small restaurant. Probably Dennis was thinking that he could be more successful if he moved to a new and bigger restaurant or company. He was under the impression that maybe it will be that hard but unfortunately, that is not the case.  >> On the positive side, if he can manage the situation, then he will have enough experience to probably open his own restaurant in the future.

  • Thank you for studying with Bizmates, Ken. See you soon!