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Powerful log viewers

  • lcut, lfmt, lviz from hutils
  • angle-grinder
    • My understanding: it's jq for any log formats. Filtering and aggregation.
    • I tried to use angle-grinder, and I found it's powerful, but it's hard to learn how to use it.
  • lnav
    • My understanding: it's turbocharged less. Automatic colorize, interactive filtering, and even querying log by SQL.
    • I tried to use lnav, and I found it's too powerful, and I had an urge to use the SQL feature.
  • VisiData
    • My understanding: it's Microsoft Excel™️ in the terminal. Navigate and analyze logs as like a spreadsheet, sorting and filtering, and even summarizing and aggregating data. Ultimate.
    • Even a tutorial for beginner is written very well.
    • I tried to use VisiData, and I found it's insanely powerful.