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Day 30th

I finished my 30 days challenge. Actually I had to skip one day because I felt very bad at the day. I did some cheat, too. But anyway, 30 days had passed, and now I have 30 or so blog posts. 
Day 30th was kinda normal. I had a fun chat with a contractor, I played arcade game once, I ate Tonkatsu at linch, ate Yakiniku at dinner, I went to Karaoke with my wife. I had a little longer English speaking practice at midnight. I also had a practice with Real Eikaiwa app. I practiced a short sentence "We'll take turns" over and over. I tried to listen example audio carefully, tried to imitate its sound, as Chad advised. I don't remember how many times I did, but finally I was able to voice correctly (as long as the app recognized my pronunciation is correct). I was impressed a little, actually. 
I will finish this 30 days challenge as success. I'm wondering the next 30 days challenge. What's next? It's fun to think about it, because now I already have successful experience. Anyway, I will continue writing daily in English. Sometimes it's a little hard to explain my thoughts in English, but it can be a practice of writing.