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Bizmates Program Level 2-Rank A : Lesson 3 Using Numbers

初めての男性のトレーナー。IT ビジネス経験豊富(ウェブデザインとか)なので話が合うかと期待したが、気難しそうなタイプでちょっと怖い感じがした。

  • 2-2 の続きから(最初からやり直すのかと思ったら違った)
  • 2-3 の See -> Biz Tips まで。続きは 2-3 の Bizmates Style から。
  • 質問に回答して尋ね返すときは How about you, xxx? が使える。
  • What's there to see in Manila? / What's there to visit in XXX? 観光すべき場所はどこですか?

  • oh i usually stay at home because of the pandemic situation so i can play with my cats and have time to relax

  • Well i want to take it slowly so i can avoid being burn out easily
  • puppy
  • Rio Diva / 多分彼の飼い猫の名前?
  • malshi Maltese+Shitzu
  • Oh i have plans tonight and i will watch Tour de France and XXX
  • Oh im form saitama pref in japan and its aclose to tokyo How about you?
  • Yes i have been in the Philippines. Maybe about 3 times already and i was working in a Startup company offering online XXX have you HEARD about XXX
  • Its a learning platform so teacher can send assignments so the students can solve the assignments through PCs and CPs
  • How about you? - used to extend a previously-asked question to someone else
  • Whars there to see in manila?
  • Whats there to visit in XXX
  • 987654 nine hundred and eighty-seven thousand six hundred and fifty-four
  • 9,876,543 nine million eight hundred and seventy-six thousand five hundred and forty-three
  • Do you sometimes give exact figures when using big numbers?
  • 1 employees workers
  • 2 workforce (all the workers in a company or country)
  • 2,356,704 two million three hundred and fifty-six thousand seven hundred and four
  • We should use “silent fillers”, such as “Let me see”, “Let me think”, “That’s a good question.”
  • We should also be able to use ballpark figures for big numbers.
  • rough estimation
  • Well
  • Let me guess
  • Give me a minute
  • Give me a second
  • Approximately
  • Nearly
  • Closely