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Bizmates Program: Level 2 Rank B Lesson 12: Expressing your opinion


そういうスモールトークが割と長くて半分くらい使い、昨日のレッスンの続きで Try パートの No.3 と Act パートを残すのみだったが、No.3 (海外で働く vs 日本で働く)への意見ももりもりで話したりしたので結局このレッスンを終えるところまでで時間を使い切った。でも話したいことを話せるだけ話せた感じはするので満足。

交代したトレーナーの方も当然自分が交代要員であることは把握してるようで、your second teacher とかそういう呼び方をしていた。そういう事情があるからなのか初回レッスンの生徒だからなのか単に個性なのか、今日の人は割と褒めちぎるタイプだった。回線はややラグがあるようで、間が多少気になった。

  • ANTOINETTE - an-twa-net
  • I went to the animal hospital and brought my cat for a regular check up
  • I am a cat person
  • From Friday night to early Saturday morning, I need to take an exam in the hospital
  • I stayed one night in the hospital
  • I needed to have my breathing checked
  • I felt a little tired because it was not a normal night
  • The doctor said not to worry about my condition
  • I slept all day on Saturday
  • Overall, I had a good weekend
  • I had an interesting weekend
  • I work from home
  • I changed my job about 6 months ago
  • I have not met my colleagues in person yet
  • I sometimes feel alone and isolated when I work from home
  • I work as a technical support in an IT company
  • Less interaction with colleagues
  • I miss random conversation with colleagues
  • Bizmates lessons allow me time to talk to others other than my family
  • It depends on what career you have
  • Japan is a good country to live
  • We have good medical/healthcare system although our population is decreasing
  • Japan's economy is not growing as fast as it used to be
  • Working overseas is a good option for me
  • I have chronic stomach disease and it might be difficult to get treatment overseas
  • It's beneficial for me to stay in Japan
  • Working from home has benefits
  • Commuting is not exactly comfortable
  • It's just convenient and fast but not comfortable
  • If you work from home, you have more time for yourself and your family
  • When you work from home, you can focus on your tasks because no one is bothering you