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印刷は人間に対し市場を作り出し、国民軍を創設する方法も教えたのであった - マーシャル・マクルーハン「グーデンベルグの銀河系」

If @marissamayer reads this, I'll...

I saw very interesting conversations on Twitter.

...and lots of tweets like ‘If @marissamayer RT's this, I'll make a My Yahoo homepage’. It looks a movement.

It's a neat idea to get attention, but what I really impressed is responses of Marissa Mayer's.

As you know, Marissa Mayer, ex-VP of Google, is CEO of Yahoo. Imagine if someone who an executive of big company responds to your casual tweet. How exciting it is! It's hardly any chance like this out of internet.

I'm having good impression for Yahoo past few months. Yahoo was not cool in past, but now they seems getting cool. If @marissamayer reads this or not reads this, in any case, I'll make a My Yahoo homepage. It would be worth to try.