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YAPC::Asia 2013

I attended to YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013. It was 8th YAPC::Asia and 8th attendance of mine.

I think there are two main categories of topics on YAPC::Asia as usual.

  1. Perl itself or around Perl eco-system
  2. Development and operation of large scale web applications written in Perl

In past, I was a Perl programmer and worked as a software engineer of large scale web applications. A few years ago I became a Ruby programmer, so topics of No.1 category were out of my interest. A few months ago I became a software engineer of small company that has still small amount of users, so topics of No.2 category were out of my interest too.

Though why I'm attending YAPC::Asia this year? Because it's my formative experience of tech conference. I learned what the tech conference is from YAPC::Asia. I learned how the speaker of tech conference is great from YAPC::Asia. I learned why the organising tech conference as a organiser or volunteer staff is awesome from YAPC::Asia. It's a precious tech conference for me forever.

I met some friends at this conference. It's a very valuable time to talk with them. Thank you for all people who I met there.