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世界に対して侵略は成功しないということを示す義務がある。もはや誰かが決断しなければならない - マーガレット・サッチャー

A "nice to have" person

I had a conviction that I don't become a "Single point of failure" person.

I didn't keep my knowledges secret and shared them as much as possible, I spared no effort to share them for people around me, I didn't cut corners to explain what I know, what I think and what I want to let someone know.

As a results, what happened?

I'm sure to say that I am not a SPOF person. I think I can leave the organization anytime without any trouble. It seems like my effort was realized, wasn't it?

But, at the same time, I feel that I am no longer a crucial person in the organization. Unfortunately, I became a "nice to have" person.

That's my fault. It's pretty ironic but quite different ending from what I thought. I'm not sure where I went to wrong.