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入門ビジネス英語 Lesson 35

Before discussing Bon sShopping's offer, we need to reassess their credibility.
I took a second look at the financial health. Here's the compares comparison with other TV shopping companies. As you can see, Bon sShopping's performance stands out from the rest.
Let me see. Hmm, ... yes, that looks good. Now, we also need to know about the their company strategy. For example, how committed are they to Japanese products.?
Umm, tThat's a bit difficult to analyze, as we don't have a break down breakdown of a the data by country. We'll find that out at in the face to face face-to-face meeting.
  • We'll find が聴き取れた
  • find that out, comparison, their が聴き取れなかった
  • Shopping の S、 breakdown、 face-to-face は聴き取れててスペルの些細な問題
  • いきなりディクテーションに入らず、流して聞いて意味を理解するステップを先にやったほうがいい