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Book: Web API Design

I read Web API Design ebook.

This book describes very simple principles of how to design web APIs. Since I am used to pragmatic REST APIs, I know many of them such as verbs vs nouns, Content-Type and dot notation, and so on.

I like the idea of partial response by specifiying comma-delimited fields. I also like verbose error message payloads including reference URL. But I don't agree with case of attribute name (I can't believe all JavaScript developers use camelCase).

Anyway, I'm satisfied to read this book. This book provides a common patterns of desiging APIs. This will be a common language of developers.

Written in english is bonus point. Today I read an aritlce about X-API-Status response header proposal by @yappo-san by chance. The point of this article is meaningful, but it's a little tough to share this idea with my colleagues living in London because it's written in Japanese.

I hope to introduce some ideas to my current work for internal API design.