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Assist Lesson



Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

Four Types of leaners

  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Reading/Writing Preference
  4. Kinesthetic (hands-on, practical)

Free talk -

Recently, it's been snowing and the temperature is getting colder in my area.

I'm still trying to get used to the weather in my area and good thing I'm just working from home most of the time.

Whenever I'm listening to podcasts or recordings, I can't help but look for something to read or watch to understand the material better.

Have you already considered what will you do this long year-end holiday?

Nothing in particular, but I wanted to read books or novels. I've been buying ebooks in the past, but the genre is more on business. I wanted to take a break for now, so I bought two more novels and I'm planning to read them during my vacation.