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Dear @picplz, I made exporter but...

Picplz announced about shutdown. They provide original picture download solution, but I'm bored to click each links, so I try to make zip downloader.

Due to the authentication mechanism of original picture download link, I cannot access original picture via picplz api. I changed my mind and finally finish to work for zip downloader for large size pictures.

UPDATE: picplz oficially announced that their user's original photo archive download is available. So I shutdown my app.http://picplz-zip-downloader.herokuapp.com/

For good or bad, picplz announced about export solution. I think the official export solution is more better than my poor garbage, but I wish I know this news before writing code :P

In fact, I was not a eager user of picplz, but I enjoyed communication on picplz. Farewell, picplz <3