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"Writing blog articles in English" doesn't mean "Consider English seriously"


If you deeply think that English is an important, you should try to write English article in your blog; however, if you do not, I'm wondered that your blog article was written by Japanese. This is a persuasive matter. Don't you think so ?

As a developer working UK based company, I'm deeply thinking "English is important". I sometimes write blog articles in English. But, to be honest, these kind of activities have less meaning. It's just a performance - "Huh, I can write something in English!".

Writing blog article is not a job for most people. No tight deadline. No high quality requirement. No limitation for using tools (dictionary, translation service, etc.). It might gain English skill a bit, but not so effective.

If you write blog article to describe some useful information for English-speaking people in English, it's very good. But if the article is just a diary or kind of poem, it's okay for you, but you shouldn't think it means "you deeply think English important".

"Writing something in English without any limitation" covers very small range of English skill. You need other English skills in other areas/situations. In conversation, you have to say something immediately. In chat, you have to do English composition as soon as possible. If you deeply think that English is an important, you should try to improve other skills in action, though it's very hard (different skill requires different training).

BTW, I wrote this article in 30 minutes with dictionary (about 10 times) and translation service (about 5 times). Yes, it's meaningless, you know.