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Day One is being acquired by Automattic Inc.

Day One at Automattic | Day One

Congrats, Day One. I no longer use it in recent years though, I think that Automattic, the company that owns WordPress.com, Gravatar, Simplenote, and Tumblr (surprisingly!), sounds reasonable as the mother company.

Day One at Automattic – Matt Mullenweg, written by the CEO of Automattic, has a good point.

Writing has always been a salve for me, and I’ve had local or private WordPress installations pretty much since 2003 to capture and archive writing that wasn’t fit for the public web.

I agree that writing is an essential piece of “peace of mind.” However, I have a different habit of writing “private” things. Somehow pure “local, private” space wasn't fit for me. Rather than that, I prefer spending reasonable time editing my raw thoughts, making them suitable for the public web.