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Bizmates Program Level 2-Rank A : Lesson 6 Describing Your Typical Day


相手のネット回線が非常に悪く(遅く)、MyStage では厳しくて、Skype にスイッチした。最初の数分間レッスンができなかった分については、延長してもらえた。

We .provide technical support to the customers.

I work remotely

We use Zen desk for customer communication tool.

We ask detailed information from the customers.

In the afternoon, I mainly write response to our customers regarding to the existing conversation or other new tickets.

My job is very technical.

I have to investigate very technical problems.

Sharing and consulting with other colleagues.

You have the right command with the language

I also report the issues from the customes' side to our product team.

Even if the customers not able to clearly elaborate all the issues or problems so I mention that to them beforehand to prevent complications in the future.

We provide immediate solutions to minor problems as of the moment to prevent them from becoming relevant in the future.

Is it easy for you to connect with people?

Is it important to connect with people in your job?

I sometimes attend conferences especially before pandemic situation.

Meeting people who have same interest as me.

My shyness stops me from making connections with others.